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Sunday 26 February 2017

Recording: Research capacity building for professional practice

By Suzana Sukovic

Earlier this week (Wednesday, 22 February) LARK hosted a webinar entitled Research capacity building for professional practice. It was announced here and here. This webinar was a milestone for LARK as this was the first time we targeted different professional groups. For me, it was a way to put my different worlds together. I am delighted to say "no collision", just good interprofessional learning.

I wish to thank the presenters and everyone who came to the webinar and contributed questions and comments. Many thanks to Alycia Bailey who looked after technology while I facilitated the meeting.

The whole webinar lasted just a bit over an hour. Recordings below are slightly shorter as discussions about technology and short periods of silence were cut.

Slides and a chat transcript are available from this link.

From experienced health clinician to novice researcher

Dr Kerith Duncanson

From library practitioner to library researcher: making research part of your professional practice 

Edward Luca

A blog post about the project presented in Edward's talk and a link to an academic article are available from this LARK blog post.

Unlearning with Snapchat

Kate Bunker and Dr Tatum McPherson-Crowie

The full peer-reviewed paper on which this talk was based is available from the Information Online website (see here).

What you hear after my introduction is Tatum's voice. The recording of the talk finishes at 12:30 and the rest are discussions with all the participants.

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