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LARK Symposium 2021


We live in times of transformation in knowledge-related fields, as well as increasing interest in lifelong learning in its many forms. Many changes are ignited by the proliferation of information and new ways in which we interact with information. The existence of scholarly and professional groups such as ASIS&T’s InfoLearn, situated at the intersection between information and learning sciences, points to a growing need to revise disciplinary boundaries and consider new areas of investigation. In practice, librarians enable and support new forms of learning every day, and often gather evidence of emerging trends. 

Join LARK to explore advancements on the intersection of learning and information. We have a great line-up of speakers - prominent academics, and professionals from different sectors - to inform, provoke and inspire our thinking.

Information for Learning: LARK's 2021 Symposium is a FREE ONLINE event on 9 April 2021. 

Registrations are required (see Registration page on ALIA's website).

Registrations close on 6 April 12am AEST. Participants will receive a Zoom link before the symposium. 


9 am – 9.15 am


9.15 am -10.15 am


Professor Emerita Margy MacMillan - News and the American college student: Translating research in news literacy into developing student agency

Dr Tanya Notley - Young Australians’ socially-mediated news engagement: exploring the implications for civic engagement

10.15 am -10.45 am

Keynote Insights Q&A

10.45 am - 11.15 am


11.15 am-12.15 pm


Dr Yazdan Mansourian - ‘I’m learning new things, and it brings up new things’: Information seeking for informal lifelong learning as a serious leisure

Ms Kate Rowe - Digital literacy in the community and the role of libraries

12.15 pm - 12.45 pm


12.45 pm-1.45 pm


Dr Suzana Sukovic and Ms Jamaica Eisner - ‘Just the way my brain works’: exploring capabilities for data use in the health workplace

Dr Yulia Uliannikova and Mr Edward Luca - Developing a staff mentoring program for systematic reviews

1.45 pm - 1.55 pm

Short break

1.55 pm - 2.45 pm


Mr Nathan Sentance, Ms Oriana Ocevedo and Dr Danny Liu

Library clients as learners - What do libraries need to know?

2.45 pm



Dr Suzana Sukovic (Chair), PLC Sydney
Ms Janet Chelliah
Mr Paul Jewell, Western Sydney University Library
Dr Mary Anne Kennan, Charles Sturt University
Dr Bhuva Narayan, University of Technology Sydney
Mr Edward Luca, University of Sydney Library (member of the initial 2020 Organising Committee)

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