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Saturday, 27 June 2015


Suzana Sukovic
A whole conference devoted to applied research  – it’s a nerd dream come true to a LARK. I am looking forward to EBLIP8 so much that I allowed it to rule my weekends – a bit of work for the Program Committee, background reading, preparing a presentation and a workshop - and the first LARK meeting outside Sydney. Next weekend is a shopping-packing-flying routine and then three days of talking practice-based research. Imagine! If you have read so far, I think you can agree it isn’t just my weird taste to find it all so exciting.

EBLIP8 registrations are closing on Monday 29th. Only two days left to join all the fun! When you are filling in the registration form, please pay attention to many excellent workshops. Bhuva Narayan and I presenting the Workshop 3 From blog to academic article

LARK meeting is on Tuesday 8-9 am. As the meeting descriptions says, we will network and discuss how we can work together across geographical distances.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

LARK event tonight

Suzana Sukovic

The LARK event - tour of the UTS library retrieval system and workshop How to get published?, followed by dinner at a Japanese restaurant - are tonight. Everyone involved in organising this event is looking forward to an evening of stimulating conversations and good fun. 

Anyone who has made the last moment decision to come is welcome to join us. The workshop will start at 6.15 pm. See LARK post on 20 May for details.

People who are going to the LRS tour will be escorted to the workshop. Others who are coming straight to the workshop will be directed from the entrance at the UTS Library. Someone from the LARK group or library staff at the front desk will be there to let you pass the security gates. We'll be in the Lecture Room 4K.

We'll use #LARK @UTSLibrary on Twitter. Join the conversation!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Special guest at the LARK workshop on 25 June

By Suzana Sukovic
LARK is delighted to announce a special guest at the LARK workshop How to get published? Dr Joycel Kirk will join Dr Bhuva Narayan and me in answering your questions and planning the best publishing route for you. 

Dr Joyce Kirk has been involved in most aspects of research: preparing funding applications and winning grants, leading and managing individual and team-based research projects, writing and editing research papers and reports, assessing grant applications and reviewing research papers for publication. With her academic colleagues at UTS, she has developed courses in information behaviour and research methods.  She has supervised the projects of research degree candidates in LIS and education and has examined theses for universities in Australia, India and New Zealand. 

I have to add that I was one of the lucky candidates who had Joyce as her Doctoral Supervisor.

Please let us know if you intend to come to the workshop by emailing lark.kolektive(at)

Workshop details are in the previous post