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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

LARK meeting @ EBLIP8

The Eighth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference
Suzana Sukovic


The EBLIP8 draft program is ready now with workshops galore. Check it out and start planning a wonderful mid-winter/mid-summer break in Brisbane! Three days talking about evidence-based practice – what else can a LARK wish for? A LARK meeting, perhaps. 

8 July at 8.30 am  If you are in Brisbane, here is the date and time for your diary. It is very exciting because this is the first time a LARK meeting is organised outside Sydney. As the meeting description says,  EBLIP8  is  a  unique  opportunity  for  people  outside  Sydney  to  extend  their  research  circle  by connecting  with  LARK.  This  meeting  will  be  an  opportunity  to  network  and  discuss how we  can  work  together  across  geographical distances. 

Birds of a feather flock together.


Picture above Rufous-naped_Lark_Bare_07_03_10_5.JPG

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